Movie review: The Man with the Iron Fists

First off with only a 95 minute running time this film should have been longer. The credits came way to soon. RZA who is known for his musical contributions with the Wu Tang Clan. Shows us just how many hats a man can wear as he directed, wrote the storyline and starred in this astonishing film that was released in November 2012.

The Man with the Iron Fists features an impressive cast. Along with RZA as the village blacksmith you also have Rick Yune as Zen Yi, The X - Blade, Russel Crowe playing a man named Jack Knife, Lucy Liu as Madam Blossom, Dave Bautista brings his fighting skills as The Brass Body. Byron Mann leads his soldiers as The Sliver Lion, Daniel Wu gives us a mystery character known as Poison Dagger and the love interest is played by Jamie Chung as Lady Silk.

So for an hour and thirty five minutes you'll be taken back to the days of "old school" Kung Fu movies. I grew up watching them with my dad back in the day. Except for the high budget that brings great scenes,
awesome costumes, a lot of killer weapons (really.. a lot of weapons killing a lot of people), wrapping all this around amazing fight scenes and boom! I was transported right back there with my dad watching some old school. We are talking about a martial arts film, so with that being said, this one does have bloody violence, also strong sexuality/language and drug use. After adding up all those points you'll find the sum of this total an R rated film. 
RZA delivered a great storyline of love, vengeance and redemption which was supported by great work from the all star cast. Even as anti Lucy Liu as I am... yeah she was freaking cool.

This may not be one for the ladies even though you have some stars like Russel Crowe, Rick Yune and Dave Bautista. I'm thinking this is more for the guys night. Call over some Kung Fu loving friends and watch a flick tear it up.

With that I'm giving this one 4 Chinese throwing stars. Don't judge, it was funny.

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