Movie Review: Dark Floors

Ever watch a movie and when it's over you wish you could get that time back? In February 2008 Dark Floors was released.

Pete Riski directed this fantasy/horror surrounding a handful of unfortunate souls trapped between two worlds.

The cast that plays the unfortunate souls are, Noah Huntley as Ben, Skye Bennett as Sarah, Donminique McElligott as Emily, William Hope as Jon, Leon Herbert as Rick Ronald Pickup as Tobias, Philp Brethorton as Walter and lead monster Lordi as Mr. Lordi (all the monsters Kita, Amen, Ox and Awa are in band called Lordi).

While Ben is at the hospital seeking treatment for his daughter Sarah, all would seem normal. Not happy with the news Ben just wants to take Sarah home. Ben, Sarah and the nurse Emily board the elevator with a few other people, so Emily and Ben can continue talking. A sudden stop, a flicker of lights and when the doors open... they soon realize this isn't the floor anyone would want off at.
For 85 minutes I watched this flick... 85minutes. Yeah it has a mind game kinda thing going on. Once you catch on your like, got it... nice! Then that's really it, because overall the story is not so great and the script is decent at best. Now the sets on the other hand were really good and the make up was really cool to look at. You just can't stay with something that looks good for that long. I like when a movie hits the who, what, when, where and why. Maybe not all but a few makes for a good story. I got who and where in this flick, then wondered why I watched it.

It carries an R rating due to the violence and disturbing images (the monsters are killer looking, thanks to Lordi). Really I was just disturbed by how long it took to get to the end credits. 

I'll give it 2 stars, 3 if they can give me back my 85 minutes. Keep checking back for updates folks, lets see if the rating ever changes...

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