Movie Review: Django Unchained

Beaten, mistreated then ripped away from the one you love, knowing your other half is still going through all that, now alone. What lengths are you willing to go through to get back to them? In December 2012 we got a new western filled with adventure and drama that answered those questions.

Director Quentin Tarantino showed us what a man named Django (the D is silent as he later informed us) played by Jamie Fox would do... anything necessary.

Tarantino brings together, yet again, another star filled cast like Christoph Waltz as Dr. Schultz, Leonardo DiCaprio  (personally not a fan, but was really good) as Calvin Candie. Love interest Kerry Washington as Broomhilda von Schaft, a face always great to see is Samuel L. Jackson as Stephen and a quick surprise by Don Johnson as Big Daddy.

For a 165 minutes we strap on some spurs and go stomping through the wild west with the newly freed slave
Django. In this western with shoot outs, saloons and paybacks to be had, expect violence, language and some brief nudity. It's rated R. Like you didn't expect that one, it's a Tarantino film, come on.

Only one desire drives Django and that's finding his wife. Now if he comes across a few people that wronged him along the way, what the hey... kill em. He's not detouring from the task, just multitasking. How can you not root for someone able to do both, while looking nothing short of cool while doing it.

A free slave was something few people heard of and even fewer liked which made Django's task even harder. Finding a natural skill with a gun and able to think quick on his feet, he rides head first into battle and does not stop for anything short of a victory.

The only thing in this movie that might be able to rival the casts great acting skills would be the script. It has a good plot and seamless play through. What you hear is only matched by what you see, great scenes.

So sit a spell around the campfire as I bust out the old harmonica and lend me your ear partner, as I play a tune called 4 stars, on the range.

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