Movie Review: A Haunted House

What would your breaking point be if you had a haunted house? This film, which was released in January 2013, shows us what one couple is willing to endure.

Director Michael Tiddes worked with a great cast of people. The Couple, and owners of the house, are played by Marlon Wayans as Malcolm and Essence Atkins as Kisha. Marlene Forte plays Rosa the maid, Nick Swardson is Chip the psychic, David Koechner as Dan the security man. Since you seem to always need a priest in these movies in comes Cedric the Entertainer as Father Williams.

With camcorder in hand we get to follow Malcolm and Kisah on a 86 minute ghost hunt. She believes, he doesn't, then guess what... he believes and starts calling for help. With simple and limited scenes they brought a high quality film with great special effects. The gags and jokes were non-stop, making this one a haunting you can laugh at.
Now myself, I tend to try and find the life lessons in my movies. Like if you know the killer is up stairs... DON'T GO UP STAIRS! Use the front door, get in the car and drive till you hit the next state. Side note: Make sure the rest of the household is in the car first... love you honey. With that being said, I learned even in a bad economy, keeping a house that wants you out... bad idea. If you can't sell, make yourself feel better by turning this home into a timeshare... that you never use. You're now cool with your timeshare and your entity has the personal space it asked for when it said "Get out"! We are all different and will pull different lessons from this film, but even if nothings learned you'll be laughing too hard to care.

This comedy/horror did have crude language/sexual content (with a rape scene of Marlon Wayans) and brief nudity. All that sums this one up to an R rating.

I always enjoy a good parody and this one was a hit. So I'll give it 4 stars.

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