Movie Review: Leprechaun

What would you do if you found a pot of gold? I feel safe to say after a little looking around and not finding the owner of said pot of gold, most of us would take it and run. After watching this January 1993 film release, I'd say leave it alone and run.

Director Mark Jones showed us a darker version of how some of us may have envisioned leprechauns. Myself, I always pictured a wee little fella decked out in bright green doing a merry little (no pun intended... ok, yes, there was) jig around a pot of gold, and got his feelings hurt when you took his gold.

The story these four souls have to tell is a bit more than a little (that never gets old) scary.

Making up the cast of this comedy/horror/fantasy that's rated PG 13 is Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun,
Ken Olandt as Nathan Murphy, Mark Holton as Ozzie, Robert Gorman as Alex and before she was famous... Jennifer Aniston as Tory Reding.
There is violence in this film when the leprechaun says "I wants me gold". When it's not returned after he so politely asked, you can bet he'll take it back... with interest. Armed with magic, a short (too easy) reach and big anger management issues, he polishes the buckles on his wee little ( you thought I was going to do it again didn't you) shoes and goes collecting.

We are talking about a movie from 1993, so the special effects were a little cheese-tasic, and the make-up was awesome. All suited up Warwick Davis can creep the crap out of you.

I know the leprechaun wants his gold, but he'll only find 3 gold stars at the end of this rainbow.

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