Movie Review: Sinister

Could you live in a house knowing something horrific happened to the last residents, and could you still call it home? In October 2012 Ethan Hawke showed us he could, and director Scott Derrickson takes us on a horror filled journey to find out what sinister things really happened in that house.

A solid cast is put together for this mystery/thriller. Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt, Juliet Rylance as Tracy, Michael Hall D'Addario as Trevor, Claire Foley as Ashley, James Ransone as Deputy and a quick apperence by Fred Dalton Thompson as the Sheriff. Last to the cast, the boogie man himself, Nicholas King as Bughuul.

True crimes writer Ellison is looking to get back in the spotlight of best selling authors. So he packs up the family and moves them to a small town where the blood of the victims is not fresh, but their pain can still be
felt throughout the town. Now it's time for Ellison to start digging around in old wounds and see if he can catch a killer or find the missing child. Soon the mystery starts to grow and unravel as Ellison discovers there is more to this case than the police files would lead us to believe.

For 110 minutes I was entertained by a pretty good script, great special effects (yeah I jumped once or twice) and a good cast. Ethan Hawke pulls off a "holy hell I think I just crapped myself" look very well and Bughuul can show up out of nowhere to give you that same look in the comfort of your own home. I wouldn't call this a horror movie but there are some ghosts... so I guess it's a horror? Either way, with the disturbing images and violence, you are watching an R rated movie

Creepy flick (not really horror) and it did make me jump, so 3 stars for a solid thriller.

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