Movie Review: Warm Bodies

This review will cover the modern retelling of a classic tale. It's like Romeo and Juliet crawled out of the ground. It was released in February 2013.

Director Jonathan Levine takes us on a journey with this comedy/horror/romance called Warm Bodies. A sometimes slow journey. We are talking about zombies so I wasn't really surprised, yet with the slow paced film that dragged a dead leg for 98 minutes... it was good. Times are changing, love has to be found in new places. Why not see if love can be found with a zombie. Worst case when you look longingly into your zombies milky white eyes and say with a tear in your eye "you have my heart." They really could have.. cause they're eating you! Next stop? Your brains... Anyway...

The young lovers are played by Nicholas Hoult as R and Teresa Palmer as Julie. We continue around the
cast table with Rob Corddry as M, Dave Franco as Perry and sitting where he belongs at the head of the table is John Malkovich as Grigo.

The star crossed lovers R and Julie manage to keep this film PG 13, even with zombie violence and strong language - which just shows us they're not such bad kids after all. You will find good sets, scripts and special effects. Witty lines help the grown folk make it through this one. The tweens will love this; with the Twilight Saga over, yes, the kids have something new to cling to.

Warm Bodies may not be for you but gives a great excuse to get the tweens outta the house for awhile. Throw in a couple extra bucks for food afterwords and you've now secured the house to yourself for at least two hours. Win win for both parties right?

My rating is gonna be 3 stars, but the tween in me will give it a heart throbbing four stars.

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