Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Who started a speech with "Four score...", freed the slaves, was a President... and hunted vampires? If you hesitated, then questionably answered with Lincoln. You were right! At least if we go by this film that was released in June 2012.

Director Timur  Bekmambetov takes us back in history to spin his tale of action/fantasy/horror.

Soon to be President/vampire hunter is Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln. The cast also includes Dominic Cooper as Henry Sturges, Mary Elizbeth Winstead as Mary Todd, Anthony Mackie as Will Johnson, Jimmi Simpson as Joshua Speed, Marton Csokas as Jack Barts and Rufus Swell as Adam.

It was said that "However history remembers me before I am President, it shall only remember a fraction of
the truth". This movie leads me to believe we lost a lot of cool stuff about Lincoln. Who knew the young boy became a man guided by vengeance? Then again, when your mother's killed what else do you but become President, free some slaves and kill a lot of vampires. Saved from certain death by Henry, Lincoln is trained in the art of vampire slaying. Armed with his new found knowledge of these dark creatures and a trusty axe, Lincoln begins his journey through what will become history.
Now, I'm going out on a limb and say that no, this film is not historically accurate. It does touch on highlights of his life. Becoming a lawyer, President and finding his lovely wife Mary Todd. After picking these highlights they filled in the holes with a lot of cool what if it was true moments. The sets and costumes were really good and the special effects flowed nicely. I wasn't too fond of their take on how vampires look, but for 105 minutes the movie entertained me... so you overlook the little things. The script was cool, I feel like they put together a good cover of his "life" since we never heard of this part of him.

Due to the Civil War and vampire fighting it gets an R rating for violence.

I'd stake 4 stars to this vampire unfriendly flick.

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