Movie Review: A Good Day To Die Hard

What was better then Die Hard 4? Trust me... Die Hard 5, which was
 released in February 2013.

John Moore directs this 98 minute action/crime/thriller.

Showing us it's a good day to die hard is: Jai Courtney as Jack McClane, Sebastian Koch as Komarov, Yuliya Snigir as Irina, Cole Hauser as Collins and the old cowboy himself Bruce Willis as John McClane.

What happens when John McClane runs out of things to blow up in America? He hops a plane over to Russia to mend the broken fences with his son, and blows up a lot of stuff there. What better bonding between father and son than working out family issues while dodging bullets and fleeing high speed chases. John, thinking all the while he's helping his son, Jack. Come to find out Jack had it all under control... till dad showed up.

Now, yes this movie has a decent storyline: Russian bad guys, government agents and a race for who can get to the proverbial finish line first. Was this a better Die Hard... no. Was it better than the last one... yes, by far. Everything was good, from the shoot outs to the explosions. Chase scenes (in cars or on foot) where cool to watch.Yet with even bigger and brighter special effects, they failed making this flick anything more than average.

 I felt like this movie was more the son's flick, with John playing a mentoring (this is what you do when you're down) /backup (two guns are always better odds) role rather than running the show. As much of a fan as I am of both Die Hard and Bruce WIllis, I think this title has hit a wall. No longer able to raise it's ratings, it's lucky to break even.

It's rated R for language and violence.

Since it's a good day to die hard, I'll put 3 stars on this flick's tombstone.

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