Movie Review: Ice Pirates

Who is the first cool pirate you remember watching? Mine was from a film released in March 1984, his name was Jason and he was an Ice Pirate. Don't laugh he was cool for 1984!

Director Stewart Raffill gives us a space comedy with cool 80's sci-fi/action.

Our stellar cast was made up by Robert Urich as Jason, Mary Crosby as Princess Karina, Michael D. Roberts as Roscoe, John Matuszak as Kill Joy. The last two on my list of cast deserve their own section for introduction.

So here they are... Anjelica Huston as Maida and Ron Pearlman as Zeno! Yeah you read it Huston AND Pearlman in this flick. That alone should make you wanna watch it.

If by chance you're still reading this to find out more about the film (I don't know why) then here you go.
You're in for a 91 minute PG rated joyride. You'll have to dodge some language and violence.

In the way off future of interplanetary space travel, you'll find all sorts of life forms. The one thing you won't find... water. Water, the most precious of commodities, is transported in the form of ice, hence Ice Pirates. And if that's not enough for you, throw into the storyline something about a princess, a tale of lost long ago precious treasure and put in some rockin 80's special effects. What do you have? Classic!

The script was good and filled with great time-stamped one liners and gags. Come on, space pirates, laser guns, space battles and Ron Pearlman.

Need I say more? Actually, yeah I do... 3 stars. Now I'm done.

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