Movie Review: Idenity Thief

Did you know that with a simple phone call you could have your identity stolen? In February 2013, one phone call changed a man's life.

Directing this 111 minute crime/comedy is Seth Gordon.

The cast of Identity Thief is: Jason Bateman as Sandy Patterson, Amanda Peet as Trish Patterson, Melissa McCarthy as Diana, Morris Chestnut as Detective Reilly, T.I. as Julian, Genesis Rodriguez as Marisol, Robert Patrick as Skiptracer and John Cho as Daniel Casey.

He may not have had it all, but Sandy Patterson was happy. Great kids, loving wife... decent job. Then, while answering a few simple questions over the phone, his life took an expensive turn for the worse. Finally realizing that his identity was stolen, the one surefire way to clear this all up is... bring the thief in single
handedly. With a couple bucks in his pocket and a failsafe plan Sandy goes to reclaim his name. Unfortunately for him, his perpetrator Diana, has her hands full with her own problems, and the last thing she wants is to get caught by him, or the law.

First off, Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy work comical magic together, and I'm really not a fan of her's. The odd pairing of these two was a hit when combined with a great script and a story you can relate to. If you get your identity stolen, hope it gets resolved in this manner.

It's rated R for language and sexual content, but that's ok because no one ever said getting your identity back would be easy, or this much fun.

This flick stole Sandy's identity and 4 stars from me.

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