Movie Review: Mama

If you knew some children that where lost, you would hope for their safe return right? Then again, who could take better care of lost kids than Mama... In January 2013, a woman answering to Mama, showed us her parenting skills.

Andres Muschietti directs this 100 minute horror.

The cast in this scary little ditty is as follows. Jessica Chastain as Annabel, Nikolaj Coster as Lucas/Jeffery, Megan Charpentier as Victoria, Isabelle Nelisse as Lilly, Daniel Kosh as Dr. Dreyfuss, Jane Moffet as Jean Podolski/(voice of Mama) and Javier Botet as Mama.

Two little girls are missing and their uncle wants nothing more than their safe return. The more time passes the less chance there is for the girls to be alive. Then, hope came as a search party stumbled across a lonely cabin in the middle of nowhere where the two little girls are still alive and... healthy. How did they manage this feat at their age? Fire, food and shelter, something they couldn't have managed on their own. So who cared enough to help those little girls? Now back in the arms of family, these two feral children must find their way back to society. Yet all Lilly, the youngest one, wants... is Mama.

This flick does have some violence and disturbing images but kept a PG 13 rating.

The story runs a little slow but has an interesting concept. With a good script, nice camera work and some good creepy special effects that flow together smoothly. Some people may have to pull the no look "is it over yet"? Don't stress, it's cool if you do. Mama is no run of the mill woman you'd want to go running joyfully towards. If she tucks you in, only nightmares will follow.

With every good thing that the movie had, it was still missing something. Just that finishing punch to wow me at the end.

So 2 stars for all that was good, and a simple shrug for the end.

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