Movie Review: Oblivion

How affective could you be at your job knowing you're one of the last two humans on earth? In April 2013, Jack and Victoria have two weeks left on their job, then off to their new home. And really what could happen in two weeks?

Directing this 124 minute action/adventure/mystery is Joseph Kosinski.

The cast in this futuristic flick is: Tom Cruise as Jack, Andrea Riseborough as Victoria, Olga Kurylenko as Julia, Melissa Leo as Sally and Morgan Freeman as Beech.

After fighting off an alien attack earth is left almost destroyed. What's left of the populace has moved off planet. Jack, a drone repair technician and Victoria, his assigned partner are the last two people on earth.
Their job is to watch over and protect the machines that are drawing up earths water, to be used as energy on their new home. Victoria keeps Jack safe with her helpful watch from the tower. Jack keeps the drones running so they can protect the machines from the scattered remains of the enemy called the Svas. Then a capsule is found after it crashes on the planet. The contents make Jack question not only himself but everything he knows.
While this film is visually very cool to look at and the story was interesting. The playthrough was not so great. A slow paced film is not a bad thing, but for this one... yes it is. Which made this movie something I didn't hate but also just didn't like either. With an ending of... "really?"

It's rated PG 13, for violence, language and some nudity.

Are they an affective team? Yes they are... so 3 stars.

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