Movie Review: Paul

If aliens do exist, do you think they're friendly? In March 2011, we found out they can be friendly... but also

Directing this 104 minute adventure/comedy/sci-fi is Gregg Mottola.

The out of this world cast is: Simon Pegg as Graeme Willy, Nick Frost as Clive Gollings, Seth Rogen as (voice) Paul, Kristen Wiig as Ruth Buggs, Jason Bateman as Agent Zoil, Bill Hader as Haggard, Joe Lo Truglio as O'Reilly and Sigourney Weaver...

Two best friends, Graeme and Clive, come to America for a vacation. First thing on the list, Comic Con to see Adam Shadowchild. Then it's hit the road to see all the UFO hotspots, not knowing the newest hotspot
would land right in their laps. Enter... Paul, who blows everything they thought they knew about aliens right outta the water. Have an alien, then you'll soon have government officials breathing down your back. Only choice... run!
Simon Pegg, Nick Frost (big fan of them both) and Seth Rogen are three guys that just make this flick non-stop comical awesomeness. Yeah I said awesomeness! Anyway, the story was really good and the playthrough from the cast to the script was great. The special effects where seamless and flowed well through the movie.

The film does carry an R rating for language, drug use and sexual references.

So far anytime Pegg and Frost team up it's a no brainer, the movie will be enjoyable. This one makes it on my enjoyable list, and it'll make it on yours as well.

4 stars for an "in this world comedy" with an out of this world visitor.

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