Movie Review: Snitch

I think we would give up any and everything for the sake of our children, right? What if it meant becoming a criminal? In February 2013, a man named John had to answer these questions.

Directing this 112 minute action/drama/thriller was Ric Roman Waugh.

Dwayne Johnson as John Matthews, Rafi Gavron as Jason Collins, Melinda Danadareds as Sylvie Collins, Jon Bernthal as Daniel James, Susan Saradon as Joanne Keeghan, Barry Pepper as Agent Cooper, Michael Kenneth Williams as Malik and Benjamin Bratt as Juan Carlos "El Torpe" Pintera make up a star-filled cast in Snitch.

Jason's looking at a mandatory minimum sentence for a federal offense, trafficking and distribution. Problem
is none of his charges are true. His friend threw Jason's name out to bargain for a better sentence. Now it's Jason's turn to do the same, except he can't. With no bargaining chips, all looks dark for his future. Not
knowing what else to do, his dad, John, starts calling anyone and everyone for help. Trying desperately to figure something out to help his son, even if it means putting everything on the line... including his life.
 While this was inspired by true events, how much was true and which part I'm not sure of. Yet as a movie I'd say it was really good. Watch out action genre, Dwayne's starting to play the field. It was nice to see a vulnerable, (can't punch my way outta this) almost helpless side of Dwayne Johnson as he tried and tripped his way through this flick, holding tightly to the thought of his son. Overall, it had a good script with great scenes. Just enough action to pick up the slow spots, yet we don't forget he's just a simple man trying to save his son.

This flick carries a PG 13 rating with violence and drug content.

So with another surprising job done by Dwayne, and Barry Pepper coming outta wherever he's been hiding, the flick kept me entertained for 112 minutes... 4 stars.

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