Movie Review: 21 and Over

Who doesn't want a big blowout for their 21st birthday? In March 2013, Jeff Chang didn't, but with a little peer pressure the boys hit the town.

Directing this 93 minute comedy was Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

Miles Teller as Miller, Skylar Astin as Casey, Justin Chon as Jeff Chang, Sarah Wright as Nicole, Francois Chau as Dr. Chang and Jonathan Keltz as Randy, makes up the cast in this comedy.

Jeff Chang turns 21 and his friend Miller feels they should make the night of it. An early morning interview is looming over Jeff's head, and he knows his dad would kill him if he missed the interview. He just wants to
play it safe and pass on the idea. Friends doing what friends do best, Jeff is talked into a few drinks and a little fun. A low key night of drinking, having a good time, and getting Jeff home early quickly turns into a few drinks more, and a later night than expected. The night becomes a blur of laughs and antics. Oh crap, didn't Jeff have an interview?! Of course now friends do the next best thing they do, look out for one another. Next plan, regroup, rally and... find Jeff Chang?
This was a pretty good movie and had a funny telling of how easy a little fun can get outta hand quick. With a finding yourself tale thrown in the mix. Not the best movie, but funny none the less. The story was simple and entertaining.

3 stars, for the indestructible Jeff Chang.

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