Movie Review: The Apparition

A young couple with a new home, shouldn't the worst thing be the unpacking? In August 2012, something wants this couple's attention, or maybe it just wants the couple.

Directing this 82 minute horror/thriller is Todd Lincoln.

The haunted cast is: Ashley Greene as Kelly, Sebastian Stan as Ben, Tom Felton as Patrick and Marti Matulis as the Apparition.

Ben and Kelly just moved into a great new house. Soon after, Kelly starts to notice little things around the house, closed doors now open, furniture moved a little and strange noises. Ben is convinced it's nothing to
worry about, then again he's rather distracted by a reoccurring phone call that he keeps ignoring. Soon the strangeness reaches levels even Ben can no longer ignore. It's a haunting, but why in their new house? What or who, is working so hard to reach from the other side?

The story was pretty cool I just wish they had gone deeper with it. The special effects were really not that bad, and the camera work did a great job at adding a creep factor. Not the scariest I've seen but it was decent in the thriller aspect. It felt like time passed way to quick in the flick, by the time I was really getting into it, yep, it was over.

I usually don't care much for 2 star movies, but 3 A.M. with nothing else to do... yeah go ahead.

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