Movie Review: The Call

How do you deal with knowing a life hangs in the balance with a simple phone call? In March 2013, a woman named Jordan got a call
she'll never forget.

Directing this 94 minute thriller is Brad Anderson.

The cast that answers to this role call is: Halle Berry as Jordan Turner, Abigail Breslin as Casey Welson, Morris Chestnut as Officer Paul Phillips, Michael Eklund as Michael Foster and David Otunga as Officer Jake Devans.

Jordan is a 911 operator who deals with everything from the strange calls to the life saving calls of people needing help. Then, she gets a call nobody should ever have to make. A young girl is kidnapped and the only thing Jordan can do is try and stay connected till help can find her. As police search for the kidnapped
Casey, Jordan has to help her stay calm and try to escape, while dealing with some painful memories of her own.

So, to start off with, this is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) production. They've done other movies in the past, but this is definitely one of their better ones. Since it's a WWE film, that means there is a wrestler in there somewhere. So everyone say hey to David Otunga! If you don't know who that is... you're not alone, few people do. Either way, I was happily surprised by this flick. The story was gripping, it's that story that anyone one of us could have to go through. And as much as it pains me to say... Halle Berry... did a great job. But! So did everyone else in the cast.

It's rated R for disturbing content, violence and language.

I'm gonna make the call of 4 stars.


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