Movie Review: The Lords of Salem

Can the past seek vengeance? In April 2013, the past has found away back to haunt Heidi.

Directing this 101 minute horror/thriller is Rob Zombie.

The killer cast in this flick is: Sheri Moon Zombie as Heidi Hawthorne, Jeff Daniel Philips as Herman "Whitey" Salvador, Ken Force as Herman Jackson, Bruce Davison as Francis Matthias, Judy Geeson as Lacy Doyle, Meg Foster as Margaret Morgan, Patricia Quinn as Megan and Dee Wallace as Sonny. With quick appearances by Sid Haig and Michael Berryman.

DJ pals Heidi, Whitey and Herman receive a mysterious album from an unknown group called the Lords. While giving it a listen, Heidi starts feeling kinda weird. Then comes the horrible visions... is this a relapse
from her past or is something more sinister lurking in the darkness?

This movie was great, by far Zombie's best work yet. The story was haunting, the script was really good and it had great camera work. Special effects did a great job adding a sinister element to the movie. Plus, you can find the same handful of stars making appearances in Zombie's other movies which just adds something to the chemistry of the cast and the over all movie characters. It's a little trippy, but easy to follow and worth the time spent to check it out.

It's rated R for disturbing violence, sexual content, nudity, language, and drug use.

4 stars for a bewitching movie.

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