Movie Review: State of Emergency

Could you keep your wits about you in a time of crisis? In 2011, Jim had to see if he could do just that.

Directing this 90 minute thriller is Turner Clay.

Life for Jim was getting ready to change. He was going to propose to his girlfriend, leave their small town and start a new life in a new city. Then they heard the sirens... the chemical factory exploded. A deadly toxin was released, turning the towns folk into (not) zombies. Now it's survival time for any not affected by the toxin. The military turned the town into a quarantine zone while they try to figure out what to do and how to handle the situation.

This movie was crap! I had to fight to make it to the credits. The special effects and make-up were horrible.
The story was boring, slow and never picked up. You would think once you find other survivors something would happen, not just keep snailing through till the end. However, this flick gave it a try... and failed horribly.

This flick is NR or Not Rated, but does have violence and language.  

This film will earn an award for being the first of my reviews to not earn a single star. Congratulations, that's something I guess?

I'm giving this movie two things. 0 stars and a bullet to its sad (not a) zombie head. So it can stay dead and not cannibalize another viewers valuable movie time.

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