Movie Review: The Hangover 3

Who knew a hangover could last this long? In May 2013, the third and final (fingers crossed) installment was released.

Directing this 100 minute comedy is Todd Phillips.

Back together again for one last ride is: Bradley Cooper as Phil, Zach Galifianakis as Alan, Ed Helms as Stu, Justin Bartha as Doug, Ken Jeong as Mr. Chow and John Goodman as Marshall. With a quick hello from Mike Epps and Heather Graham.

After all the trouble the wolf pack has gotten into, this time they get together to help Alan out. So they pile in the car for a couple days to drive Alan to a treatment facility, simple plan. On their way, Doug gets
kidnapped and the guys have to pay to get him back, the price... Mr. Chow. Now it's up to the wolf pack to figure out how to find and catch the elusive Chow.

As much as I liked this flick it was tame in comparison to the first two. A lot of reference jokes were made, which helped this storyline to tie in and remind us of the past misadventures. Yet, I felt like I was watching hangover lite: All the jokes, half the fun and chaos. Now, it was cool cause they tied everything up with good closure. I like wrapping everything up but the script just wasn't great, making this flick no more than an average comedy. Some titles just weren't made for a trilogy. This, sadly, was one of them. Hollywood can always find a way to write more scripts but I hope they leave this one where it's at.

It's rated R for language, nudity, violence and drug use.

3 stars for one last adventure with the wolf pack.

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