Movie Review: Hatchet III

Why take a boat ride looking for a legendary serial killer? In June 2013, we found out why you shouldn't.

Directing this 89 minute action/comedy/horror is BJ McDonnell.

Wading through the body parts is: Danielle Harris as Marybeth, Zach Galligan as Sheriff Fowler, Caroline Williams as Amanda, Derek Mears as Hawes, Cody Blue Sinder as Schniederman, Robert Diago DoQui as Deputy Winslow, Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley with a cameo by Sid Haig.

Marybeth shows up on the police steps covered in blood and saying how "they're all dead". When questioned who killed who, her reply..."Victor Crowley killed everyone!" Fowler doesn't believe the old
swamp legend about the cursed Crowley killing people on Honey Island. So, a search and recovery team is put together to investigate. Meanwhile, Marybeth may finally have the chance to get revenge on Crowley and break the curse, if she can live long enough to do it.

The third and final go for the series, but really between horror and Hollywood anything can happen. If this is the final, then they went out on a great note. Amazing work from start to finish, the fact that no CGI was used was even cooler. The make-up and special effects did great work, and it payed off in the overall of the movie. The script and a few of the characters had a bit of cheesiness, but just another bit that added to the movie. It's not just a thrown together hack-n-slash film, it's one of a few that starts with a storyline and carries it through from the first movie to the third. Yeah it's basic, have reason will kill, but the comedy does it's part making this a very cool flick.

It's rated UR for unrated, but it does have brief nudity, violence,`language and gore... LOTS of gore!

3 slashtastic stars.

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