Movie Review: Hick

At 13 years old, did you ever think your life
would be better if you lived somewhere else? In November 2012, Luli did, so off she went.

Directing this 99 minute comedy/drama is Derick Martini.

The drama filled cast is: Chloe Grace Martini as Luli McMullen, Anson Mount as Nick, Juliette Lewis as Tammy, Blake Lively as Glenda, Eddie Redmayne as Eddie Kreezen, Alec Baldwin as Beau, Rory Culkin as Clement, Bob Stephenson as Lux, Ray McKinnon as Llyod and Dave Vescio as The Stranger.

Due to her home life, 13 year old Luli, decides it's time to leave her small Nebraska town for Las Vegas. After making a list of pros and cons, the pros have it and off she goes. She packs a few things in her purse like clothes and the .45 she got for her birthday. Packed and ready to go she hits the road. To her, this journey should be simple, but the road she's traveling is going to lead her through a storm
she's not ready for. After hitching a ride with Glenda, they begin a interesting bond where Luli falls under her protective wing. Yet, as is the course of life, even though you've picked your direction, unfortunately there will always be detours that you have to take. Some of them may even make you rethink your decisions, and bring you to a point of "Do I go on or turn back?"

This is a hard one to watch at times. You spend 99 minutes watching a young girl go through some cool and really bad spots of life, in too short of a time period for any child that age to have to go through. Yes, she's a tough kid, but so unaware of the dangers till it's too late. The cast did an amazing job, specially Martini and Lively. The script was good, with great banter between the characters. The playthrough was also good, making this movie so much better than expected. Definitely not a feel good movie if that's what you're in the mood for, but worth a watch.

It's rated R for violence, language and drug use.

3 stars for a small town girl that had to grow up fast.

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