Movie Review: Manborg

In a dystopian future run by evil, would you
fight, or fall to it's will? In September 2011, we found a brave soul that would fight... Manborg!

Directing this 60 minute action/adventure/comedy/fantasy/horror/sci-fi is Steven Kostanski.

The futuristic cast is: Matthew Kennedy as Manborg, Adam Brooks as Doctor Scorpius/Count Draculon, Meredith Sweeney as Mia, Conor Sweeney as Justice, Ludwig Lee as # 1 Man, Jeremy Gillespie as The Baron and Andrea Karr as Shadow Mega.

During the Hell Wars, a solider faces off with the powerful Count Draculon and loses. A scientist takes the solider's dead body and refits it with robotic parts. Fast forward... the solider wakes up in a new world, run by the Count. Now, Manborg must again try to stand against Draculon and his Nazi vampire army. Luckily Manborg has met a few new friends that wouldn't mind helping free
Mega-Death City from the clutches of the evil Count and destroy him once and for all.

The only thing more fun than writing that description was watching the movie. We're talking low budget greatness here, with bad CGI, props and acting. There are so many reasons to watch this one, I can't even begin to list them all. The story was great and the characters just added so much more to the overall film.

It's rated 15 for violence.

3 stars for a movie trying so hard to be bad it was awesome.

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