Movie Review: Super

When you hit your breaking point and just
can't take anymore, what do you do? In June 2011, we got the answer, and it was super!

Directing this 96 minute action/comedy/drama is James Gunn.

The names making this film super are: Rainn Wilson as Frank Darbo/The Crimson Bolt, Ellen Page as Libby/Boltie, Liv Tyler as Sarah, Kevin Bacon as Jacques, Michael Rooker as Abe, Gregg Henry as Det.John Felkner, Sean Gunn as Toby, Nathan Fillion as The Holy Avenger, Rob Zombie as God (voice), Lloyd Kaufman as 911 man and William Katt as Sgt. Fitzgibbon.

Frank's life has had some ups and downs, to say the least. So, when his wife Sarah falls off the wagon and leaves him for a drug dealer named Jacques, he thinks he's as down as he can get. Desperately, Frank tries to get Sarah back, and his attempts fail one after another. Lost, and not knowing what to do, Frank gets a visit from God, who shows him the path. His calling? To become a crime fighter
named The Crimson Bolt. With his pipe wrench in hand, CB seeks out injustice and all wrong doers.

This was the coolest movie I've seen in awhile. The script was hilarious and the playthrough... weird but so good. The cast was filled with people I would've never expected to see, making it a great line-up. It's an average joe that's not made of money trying to do right. So, sit down and enjoy a movie that shows us life between the comic panels.

It's rated R for nudity, language, drug use and gore.

To continue serving justice would mean giving this flick 4 stars.

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