Movie Review: White House Down

We've all had bad days, right? In June 2013, a father daughter day turns into a hostage situation... yeah bad day.

Directing this 131 minute action/drama/thriller is Ronland Emmerich.

Some of the faces you'll see is: Channing Tatum as Cale, Jamie Foxx as President Sawyer, Joey King as Emily, James Woods as Walker, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Finnerty, Jason Clarke as Stenz, Richard Jenkins as Raphelson, Lance Reddick as General Caulfield, Nicolas Wright as Donne the Guide, Michael Murphy as Vice President Hammond, Kevin Rankin as Killick and Jimmi Simpson as Tyler.

Cale, is at the White House for an interview to become a Secret Service Agent. Afterwards, he and his daughter, Emily, take the White House tour. During a stop on the tour, Emily goes to use the bathroom. Suddenly, the House goes on lock down, separating Cale and Emily. Soon, a group of armed individuals have fully taken over. Now, Cale must make his way through bullets and bad guys to find her while protecting President Sawyer along the way. Not the day he had planned, but rescuing
the president and protecting your kid does make for a interesting conversation at the end of the day. All he's gotta do is pull it off...

White House Down... yeah... If you've ever watched a blockbuster movie (like say, Armageddon) then watched its knock off (we'll say Asteroid), then you'll understand it better when I say, this is the knock off. Yes the cast was filled with some great names... that was the best part. The jokes just weren't that funny. The story had potential... playthrough, however, killed all potential. Fights and shootouts were good, and the explosions were bright and kinda shiny. Perfect for a date night movie, bullets and bombs for the guys. Ladies... Tatum, running around buffed up in a white tee, saving innocent lives.

It's rated PG 13 with language and violence.

2 stars for a knock off with James Woods and bright kinda shiny explosions. 

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