Movie Review: The Wicked

Should you believe every story you hear? In
April 2013, some kids from a town called Summerset didn't think so.

Directing this 100 minute fantasy/horror/thriller is Peter Winther.

The cast in this wicked flick is: Devon Werkheiser as Max, Diana Harper as Sammy, Justin Deeley as Zach, Jess Adams as Julie, Chase Maser as Carter, Jackelyn Gauci as Tracey, Caitlin Carmichael as Amanda, Jamie Kaler as Deputy Karl and Cassie Keller as The Witch.

 A story passed down generation to generation, a tale every kid in town has heard. You better watch out for the witch or she'll get you. Zach and a few friends decide to go vist the legendary house of the witch. Meanwhile the police are busy looking for a lost little girl. Is it a coincidence or the tale of the
witch coming true? What will Zach find out in that old house in the woods?

This was a nice flick and I dug the storyline, very simple but the playthrough was good. The special effects were decent enough and a little gory. Witchly deeds are never a bad thing. It's rare that something like this one can hold my full attention, but it did.

It's rated NR (not rated) but does have violence, language, gore, drug use and brief nudity.

3 stars are cast on this one.

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