Movie Review: 100 Bloody Acres

You know small businesses have trouble making it in the big competitive world, right? In October 2013, two brothers found a way to make their business thrive, and like always, it just took a little blood... and sweat.

Directing this 91 minute comedy/horror is Cameron Cairnes and Colin Cairnes.

Our blood covered cast is: Damon Herriman as Reg Morgan, Angus Sampson as Lindsay Morgan, Anna McGaham as Sophie, Oliver Ackland as James and Jamie Kristan as Wesley.

Brothers Reg and Lindsay run a organic fertilizer company. Because of their secret ingredient, business has been good for them. While out on a delivery, Reg comes across a ingredient they use for the fertilizer and grabs it. Then, finds three stranded individuals heading to a music festival, in need
of a ride. Reg, wanting to finally get some approval from his older brother, makes a business decision on his own. Now, Reg has to figure out what to do because after meeting Sophie, he's had a change of heart.

This was a really funny flick, yeah there is lots of blood and some severed parts, but once you get past all the mess you get the humor of it. The script and playthrough were awesome with a small cast putting in some really good work.

It's rated 15 for violence, gore and language.

3 stars for a couple of guys working hard for the money.

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