Movie Review: The Heat

Have you ever wanted something really bad? In June 2013, Ashburn had her eye on a promotion, and if she can show that she can work well with others, she just might get it.

Directing this 117 minute action/comedy/crime is Paul Feig.

Bringing the heat to this flick is: Snadra Bullock as Ashburn, Melissa McCarthy as Mullins, Demian Bichir as Hale, Marlon Wayans as Levy, Michael Papport as Jason Mullins, Jane Curtain as Mrs. Mullins, Taran Killam as Adam, Michael McDonald as Julian and Thomas F. Wilson as Capt. Woods.

FBI agent Ashburn and Boston's (finest?), officer Mullins seem to be on the same case. Unfortunately, Mullins isn't really a "team player". Then again, Ashburn can't find a team that wants her. Yet, if they want to catch a drug lord, they'll need to team up and work together. If Ashburn can close the case and show the ability to work with others, it'll better her chances for a promotion. Mullins just wants
her brother out of the mess he's been pulled back in to and a drug lord in jail. Leaving Boston a little bit safer, at least from the bad guys... Mullins is a whole different story.

I've seen Bullock play this role before, and again she did it well. McCarthy on the other hand, I've never seen this badass side of her... and she owned the role! The chemistry between the two leading ladies was great. The story has the odd couple vibe. A couple of times it gets a little stale, like a joke that's gone on too long, but still a great movie. Script and playthrough was a little weak here and there, but overall enjoyable.

It's rated R for language and violence.

4 stars for a movie with some heat to it.

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