Movie Review: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight

You hear about the fight between good and evil, but have you ever been face-to-face with evil, in the middle of the fight? In January 1995, five souls wound up in that exact situation.

Directing this 92 minute comedy/horror/thriller is Ernest R. Dickerson.

Trying to survive the night is: John Kassir as the voice of The Crypt Keeper, Billy Zane as The Collector, William Sadler as Brayker, Jada Pinkett Smith as Jeryline, CCH Pounder as Irene, Brenda Bakke as Cordelia, Dick Miller as Uncle Willy, Thomas Haden Church as Roach, Charles Fleischer as Wally Enfield, Gary Farmer as Deputy Bob Martel and Ryan O'Donohue as Danny.

Brayker is on the run, trying to keep a key from falling into the wrong hands. This key, the last of it's kind, keeps the ultimate chaos locked away. If the demon known as the Collector, can retrieve it, hell
will reign. Brayker must do everything he can to keep the Collector and the demons assisting him at bay.

After the original airing of the T.V. show that ended back in 1996, a few spin-offs and movies came out. This was the first title from the three movies put out. The story is really cool, with amazing special effects. Script was entertaining and funny with a playthrough that was never boring.

It's rated R for language, violence and nudity.

5 ghoulish stars for this tale.

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