Movie Review: The Wolverine

Do you think time heals all wounds? In July 2013, we found out time can heal some, but it can also make some wounds worse...

Directing this 126 minute action/adventure/fantasy is James Mangold.

Some of the faces you'll see are: Hugh Jackman as Logan, Tao Okamoto as Mariko, Rila Fukushima as Yukio, Hiroyuki Sanada as Shingen, Svetlana Khodchenkova as Viper, Brian Tee as Noburo, Hal Yamanouchi as Yashida, Will Yun Lee as Harada and Framke Janssen as Jean Grey. With appearances by Ian McKellen as Magneto and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier.

A life once saved years ago has come calling on Logan, so a debt can be re-payed. Yashida has never forgotten what happened to him and Logan that day. With time running out, Logan travels to Japan to see Yashida on his death bed. While there, a twisted turn of events challenges Logan like never before, bringing
him face-to-face with a truly dangerous individual, even for Logans standards. Life or death was never a option for the Wolverine... till now.

Round two for the Wolverine title. To start with, the story was good. This was a more vulnerable battling personal demons kinda flick. Yet, the playthrough was so much better than the first movie. Here they picked a direction and saw it through without cluttering it with a bunch of crap. Instead, you'll see a clearer storyline, really good special effects (that get a little cheesy at points) and Wolverine showing off some badassness. Some of the locations were pretty cool looking as well. As a fan of Wolverine I was stoked when I heard who the villain was going to be, but very disappointed at the final concept of him. Non-fans won't notice, and it'll look really cool to you. Fans, to each their own I guess, if you liked what was behind the finale curtain. Personally, drop the curtain on it, and try again... PLEASE! By the time credits hit, it was a really good movie. FYI, since it's becoming a regular occurrence in the superhero films, don't bailout just cause you see credits rolling. They've been packing movie teasers in there to plug for other titles, and I dug seeing this teaser.

It's rated PG 13 for violence and language.

4 stars for the mutant that won't quit.

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