Movie Review: Byzantium

When raised by truth, how do you live a lie? In June 2013, the lie was getting harder to live by and it was finally time for some truth.

Directing this 118 minute drama/fantasy/horror/thriller is Neil Jordan.

The cast is: Saoirse Ronan as Eleanor, Gemma Arterton as Clara, Sam Riley as Darvell, Caleb Landry Jones as Frank, Johnny Lee Miller as Ruthven, Uri Gavriel as Savella, Thure Lindhardt as Werner, Daniel Mays as Noel and Barry Cassin as Robert Fowlds.

Clara and Eleanor are new to this town, and like always, Clara finds ways to get by. Even though she doesn't like the ways Clara uses to take care of them, Eleanor knows Clara loves her. Yet, each of these moves from
place to place are taking a toll on Eleanor. Each new place is filled with an old lie. After meeting Frank, something changes. Eleanor must decide if it is finally time for some truth in their lives. If so, can Frank handle the burden she has been carrying?

It's hard to write this review without giving up the movie. I hate spoilers, but I just want to babble on about the great writing and story that this flick has. Which is hard to do without giving away the film. Honestly, you get what the secret is really quick. Still I don't do spoilers, so I'm sorry if you see this as a bland read. Alright... I'm not a big fan of Ronan, she tends to come off blah. Yet, in this one it works for her. Plus, Arterton is a firecracker here so it's a prefect balance. The script tells a great story that's only matched by an even better playthrough. What I really liked about this one was they used a different way to tell this story. It doesn't have a lot of action scenes, but in this case it really didn't need any either.

It's rated R for nudity, violence, language and gore.

4 stars for an old tale spun new.

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