Movie Review: The Colony

After the world you knew had been wiped away by a global change, how would you survive, and what would you consider going too far? In September 2013, some of humanity has survived a catastrophe, now they have to make it through the aftermath. 

Directing this 95 minute action/sci-fi/thriller is Jeff Renfroe.

Trying to survive this frozen wasteland is: Kevin Zegers as Sam, Laurence Fishburne as Briggs, Bill Paxton as Mason, Charlotte Sullivan as Kai, John Tench as Viktor and Dru Viergever as Feral Leader.

Humanity has to learn how to survive after the next ice age consumes the world. Briggs is the leader of a outpost of survivors. With resources being limited, every day is a fight. At least that's the fight they were used to, until going to check on another outpost. The search party realizes there is a new threat. Now, it's a race to get back home and warn the others before it's too late. Because this threat could be even more dangerous than anything mother nature has thrown at them yet. Leaving what's left of humanity... lost.

This wasn't a bad movie, just not great. The playthorugh shows us the human struggle, and the want to survive, but at what cost. Sadly, I think what didn't help was that I've seen this scenario before with a better playthrough. The script wasn't much help either to grab and hook me into the story. The feel of the movie was I'm cold, scared and desperate. Oddly enough I found myself scared, that this movie could get even more boring, and yes, even desperate for the credits to roll. So I guess the movie did move me a bit, better than nothing right? Scenery was cool looking and the sets did create a doom and gloom vibe. Yeah it was really cool seeing Paxton and Fishburne. I just would've liked seeing them in a better movie.  

It's rated 14A  (age 14 and above) for violence and language.

2 stars for this winter wonderland of doom.

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