Movie Review: The Family

When "family" has been all you've known, how do you turn your
back on them? In September 2013, Fred's answer was... when "the family" wants you dead.

Directing this 111 minute action/comedy/crime is Luc Besson.

Trying to keep the secrets in the family are: Robert De Niro as Fred Blake/Giovanni Manzoni, Michelle Pfeiffer as Maggie Blake, Dianna Agron as Belle Blake, John D'Leo as Warren Blake, Tommy Lee Jones as Robert Stansfield, Domenick Lombardozzi as Caputo and Stan Carp as Don Luchese.

The Blake family has just moved to a town in France, with the help of the witness protection
program. Once a mafia boss, now snitch, Fred lives under the watchful eye of agent Stansfield of the CIA. How do you keep your family safe? By putting their old lives and ways behind them and starting over. Unfortunately, old habits are hard to break, specially if you're a part of this family.

First thing right, off the bat, De Niro and Pfeiffer... did great together. The whole cast did an awesome job, don't get me wrong, but those two stars shined bright. The story was very entertaining, with a good script filled with comedy. I was looking forward to watching this one and was not disappointed. Here's a family with all their past "connections" severed and yet still sticking together through thick and thin. While making it funny along the way.

It's rated R for violence and language.

4 stars for the family sticking it out.

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