Movie Review: Jug Face

When bound to tradition or a custom that you and others live by, when is it ok to turn your back and walk away from everything you've known? In August 2013, Ada is searching for the answer to that question.

Directing this 81 minute horror/thriller is Chad Crawford Kinkle.

The cast in this little flick is: Lauren Ashley Carter as Ada, Sean Bridgers as Dawai, Larry Fessenden as Sustin, Sean Young as Loriss, Daniel Manche as Jessaby and Alex Maizus as Emaciated Boy.

Ada is a teen girl that lives in a very very small backwoods community that holds strict to it's ways and customs. After realizing she's the next one to be a sacrifice to the pit, Ada takes steps that
inadvertently throws her community into turmoil. Not knowing what else to do she tries to run away, only making things more complicated.

This is a short and simple movie with a really good playthrough and the cast did a nice job. This is one of those movies that might not make it on the radar for a lot of people to hear about or see, but is well worth the watch. Special effects aren't great but does good enough to get the point across. Really it's all about the story itself, which yeah, is a little bit of a twisted tale, but a good one. Take the time and give this one a watch.

It's rated R for nudity, language and gore.

3 stars for a girl just wanting to live.

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