Movie Review: Laid To Rest

Waking up in a coffin with no memory, probably means you're having a pretty bad day, right? In March 2009, after seeing what the rest of this lady's day was like, the coffin didn't seem like such a bad thing.

Directing this 90 minute horror/thriller is Robert Hall.

The restless cast is: Bobbi Sue Luther as The Girl, Kevin Gage as Tucker, Lena Headey as Cindy, Sean Whalen as Steven, Thomas Decker as Tommy, Nick Principe as Chromeskull, Richard Lynch as Mr. Jones and Anthony Fitzgerald as Anthony.

Waking up with no memory and a head injury, a woman quickly realizes someone is after her. She tries desperately to remember who she is and avoid the chrome skull masked man chasing her. He
keeps tracking her down and going through anyone standing between him and the woman that's caught his eye.

Storyline is pretty simple, and in this case it works great for the playthrough. The special effects were awesome, and in some cases gore-tastic. Script hints at depth or back story, but never really gets there. Cast was good and a couple faces popped up that I didn't expect to see (cool bonus), like Richard Lynch (seriously when's the last time you saw him). Overall, 90 minutes of run for your life... too late, he's right behind you, cool kinda flick. Filled with some great scenes and sick kills. What stops this from being a great movie? Again, it's just 90 minutes of run for your life with no real depth in the story. Either don't hint at a back story or give one. You can't do both, it only hurts the movie in the long run. However horror fans will still dig seeing Chromeskull do his bloody work.

It's rated R for nudity, violence, language and gore.

3 chrome plated stars in honor of our skilled killer.

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