Movie Review: The World's End

Do you have something in your life that you almost finished, but didn't? In August 2013, that unfinished something has been eating away at Gary, so he's gonna fix it.

Directing this 109 minute action/comedy/sci-fi is Edgar Wright.

Bringing the laughs till the end of the world is: Simon Pegg as Gary King, Nick Frost as Andy Knightley, Martin Freeman as  Oliver Chamberlain, Paddy Considine as  Steve Prince, Eddie Marsen as Peter Page, Rosamund Pike as Sam Chamberlain, David Bradley as Basil, Pierce Brosnan as Guy Shephard and Bill Nighy as the voice of The Network.

Gary, Andy, Oliver, Steve and Peter are five friends that tried the unthinkable. To make it to the World's End. A pub crawl made up of twelve pubs and twelve pints, ending at the last pub, the
World's End. Back in the day they tried... and failed. Twenty years later, Gary rallies the crew for another run at it. Not on the best of terms with the guys, it takes a little convincing from Gary. Soon enough, the pub crawl is on! With the boys back in their home town, getting ready to right a wrong. The only thing stopping them is their alcohol intolerance. Yet, something doesn't seem quite right with the old hometown, it's just not right some how. Maybe a few more pints will help, or maybe not...

Yet again, another hit from the writers Pegg and Wright. It's a funny story with a good playthrough. Really good special effects and an awesome cast. It has a great flow with it's mixing of humor with serious personal issues of the characters. Something I wasn't expecting was the sci-fi aspect of the film, and it was was a great addition that slipped right and added to the laughs.

It's rated R for brief nudity, language and violence.

4 stars for a handful of guys that took one for the team.

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