Movie Review: You're Next

How safe do you feel in your home? Do you check all the locks? In August 2013, we saw what happens if you're not careful... you're next.

Directing this 94 minute comedy/horror/thriller is Adam Wingard.

The blood covered cast is: Rob Moran as Paul,  Barbara Crampton as Aubrey, AJ Bowan as Crispian, Sharni Vinson as Erin, Nicholas Tucci as Felix, Wendy Glenn as Zee, L.C. Holt as Lamb Mask, Simon Barret as Tigar Mask and Lance Hughes as Fox Mask.

The Davison family has come together to celebrate mom and dad's anniversary. A little food, family and fun makes for a great time by all. Unfortunately, three animals have different plans for the family
gathering. Trapped, the family must stick together, while danger and death circle around them.

I dug the story. What seemed to be a regular slasher flick had some nice twists and turns. Great family reactions as the world starts to fall apart around them. Special effects were great, with that just right amount of everything making for some sick scenes with a cool playthrough. I thought the script was good and the bits of humor were a nice touch.

It's rated R for nudity, language, violence and gore.

 It don't take a sledgehammer to the head to see this one's worth 4 stars.

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