Movie Review: American Mary

You're standing in a strip club and someone asks you if you wanna make five
thousand dollars. What's the first thought in your head? In January 2013, lucky for Mary, she had the skills to handle this job offer.

Directing this 103 minute horror/thriller is Jen Soska and Sylvia Soska.

Showing us this beautiful and bizarre tale is: Katharine Isabelle as Mary Mason, Antonio Cupo as Billy Barker, Tristan Risk as Beatress Johnson, Twan Holiday as Lance Delgreggo, David Lovgren as Dr. Grant, Paula Lindberg as Ruby Realgirl, John Emmet Tracy as Det. Dolor, Sylvia Soska as Twin 1, Jen Soska as Twin 2 and Brenda Anderson as the voice of Nana.

As a medical student, Mary is facing some difficult times. She is broke and has plenty of bills to pay. After an
opportunity for some quick money comes up, Mary has a chance to catch up on the bills and lose some stress. Right when she thought she was back on track, life throws her yet another curve. Soon after meeting a interesting lady with a even more interesting offer, Mary comes to realize her new path. Mary takes her medical know how underground. Now, she works her surgical magic for clients that are looking for help... with their self expression.

This was a great movie! The Soska sisters did a killer job not only writing, but also directing this flick. The story is really good and the playthrough even better. The cast did an awesome job bringing this film to life, especially Katharine Isabelle. The very cool looking special effects were another great addition to the film. If this is the level of work we're going to get from the Soska sisters, then I'm a fan and ready for their next flick. Well worth the time of finding and watching it.

It's rated R for nudity, language, violence and gore.

4 stars for this piece of bloody good work.

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