Movie Review: Battle of the Year

How do you bring a group of individuals together? In September 2013, you give them a single purpose, the battle of the year.

Directing this 110 minute dance movie is Benson Lee.

Helping kick up some fancy foot work in this movie is: Josh Holloway as Jason Blake, Laz Alonso as Dante Graham, Josh Peck as Franklyn, Chris Brown as Rooster, Ivan "Flipz" Velez as Flipz, Jon "Do Knock" Cruz as Do Knock, Jesse "Casper" Brown as Rebel, Anis Cheurfa as Anis, David Shreibman as Kid David, Sawandi Wilson as Sniper, Richard Maguire as Lil Adonis, Steve Terada as Sight, Luis Rosado as Bambino, Joshua Lee Ayers as Mayhem and Caity Lotz as Stacy.

Dante's dance team hasn't been doing so well, nor has the popularity of the sport known as BBoy (style of dance) been doing well either. Something needs to change if the American team wants to win the Battle of the Year competition. So, Dante hires an old friend, Jason, to coach the team and bring home the first win in fifteen years. With only three months until the battle, Jason decides to build a "dream team" by hand picking the best of the best dancers from different groups. Now, Jason has to not only wittle the numbers down to twelve individuals, he must also make them a team that will work together.

This was a good film, but more for the younger crowd. The story wasn't bad, but predictable - we're down n' out, so lets get it together. Yet, after it was all said and done, it was actually an enjoyable flick. Some of the moves these guys pulled off were pretty damn cool to watch. It had a good cast (could've done without Chris Brown), and a lot of talented dancers that showcased some great choreography. So again, definitely something the younger crowd will like, but not a bad movie overall. I can't say I'd run right out and pay to see it with all the other movies that are out, but definitely worth the price once it hits rentals.

It's rated PG 13 for language.

3 flashy stars.

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