Movie Review: Disconnect

Life is something we live everyday, but what about the people you interact
with? How closely do you affect their lives with your actions? In May 2013, we watched just how easily our lives can cross paths.

Directing this 115 minute drama/thriller is Henry Alex Rubin.

The disconnected cast is: Jason Bateman as Rich Boyd, Hope Davis as Lydia Boyd, Jonah Bobo as Ben Boyd, Frank Grillo as Mike Dixon, Colin Ford as Jason Dixon, Alexander Skarsgard as Deredk Hull, Paula Patton as Cindy Hull, Andrea Riseborough as Nina Dunham, Max Thieriot as Kyle, Aviad Bernstein as Frye and Michael Nyqvist as Stephen.

A lawyer, a journalist and a married couple are having some problems... called life. Yet, these problems
somehow intertwine and bring these individuals together, interacting as life sometimes does with people. The lives of these people, the problems they are facing and the struggles they have to over come are everyday ones. Like bullying, working too much and that silence that grows in a relationship. As is life, the chips will fall where they may.

This was a highly entertaining flim. The playthrough was great and the cast did an amazing job. The story told a tale that was highly relatable to the viewer. The flick weaves in and out through the characters lives, that when looked at as a whole created a beautiful peace of work. It falls so close to life, making you ask yourself, just how would you react in their shoes? This was a moving film, and well worth the time to watch it.

It's rated R for language, violence and nudity.

5 stars for a film that shows life, a little too real.

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