Movie Review: Gravity

Have you ever been stranded far away from home? In October 2013,
astronaut Ryan Stone had that same problem, but for her, hitching a ride... would be kinda hard.

Directing this 91 minute drama/sci-fi/thriller is Alfonso Cuaron.

Filling the space in this cast is: Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone, George Clooney as Matt Kowalski. With added voice work by: Ed Harris as voice of Mission Control, Orto Ignatiussen as Aningaaq, Phaldut Sharma as Shariff, Amy Warren as Explorer Captain and Basher Savage as Russian Space Station Captain.

What do a veteran astronaut and a medical engineer have in common? A spacewalk... that took a disastrous turn. What was a routine walk for retiring captain Matt Kowalski and first timer Ryan Stone became a fight
for survival. After their shuttle was destroyed, Matt and Ryan are left stranded in space. The only thing they have left to help hold it together is the safety line tethering them to each other. Aimlessly, they are drifting off into the void of space, slowly being engulfed by the darkness. They are running out of options, and oxygen, and they are scared. What can they do, how can they survive this giant leap of mankind?

First off, wow! The visual effects were amazing in this flick. The story is a pretty simple, something really bad happens. Now, the film is left solely on the shoulders of the effects and the acting skills of the cast - which I really dig because you never know how strong of an actor someone is until they have to carry the whole bag. In this case, Bullock has definitely carried the brunt of the weight. This is something many of us already knew she could do, but it was strongly confirmed in this film. Again, special effects carried their share as well. As great as this film is, it does have a slow pace at times. Then boom, it's in your face action. Now I can't say this was a film that I was deeply moved by, but overall was still a really good film and worth checking out.

It's rated PG 13 for language and violence.

4 stars for this disastrous space mission.

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