Movie Review: Bounty Killer (2013)

In a world destroyed by corporate greed, what would you do to make things right? In September 2013, we watched two people doing their part, by claiming the bounties placed on the heads of those corporate criminals.

Directing this 92 minute action/sci-fi/thriller is Henry Saine.

Dodging bullets in this flick is: Matthew Marsden as Drifter, Christian Pitre as Mary Death, Barak Hardley as Jack LeMans, Kristanna Loken as Catherine, Abraham Benrubi as Jimbo, Kevin McNally as Daft Willy, Eve as Mocha Sujata and Alexa Vega as Stewardess. With Gary Busey as Van Sterling, and Beverly D'Angelo as Lucille.

As the corporations took over they replaced the world's governments. Unfortunately, as all corporations grow, so does the hunger for power. Which lead to the corporate wars, a battle that was fought on a global
scale. The war destroyed society, leaving a waste land left for the world to try to survive in. Wanting to see justice for what the corporations did, the Council of Nine rose up to bring law back to the land. This new justice came in the form of death warrants for the white collar criminals. Which then brought the people that claim this warrants, the bounty killers. Not only do they compete to claim the bounty's, but for the fame that comes with taking down the corporate criminals. Celebrity's of a new post-apocalyptic world, popularity slowly these killers from amateurs to professionals, well the good ones anyways like Drifter and Mary Death.

So right off the bat this is a great movie. You get odd appearances by the likes of Busey and D'Angelo, a story line that you can't help but like and a awesome playthrough. I mean really who doesn't want to see some corporate justice in today's times. Now, prepare yourself for some cool fight scenes, an abundance of blood n bullets flying and a smooth soundtrack done by Greg Edmonson to tie it up all pretty like. Making this a gift of entertainment with good special effects and scene transitions that are perfect for moving the flick along. By no means are we talking about a serious film here. It's filled with chessy lines and exaggerated kills but the cast does a really good job. Mary Death is a character you can't help but admire do to her high level of bassness. Between her good looks and asskicking ability, Pitre did a great job giving the character life. Side note, this killer movie is based off of a graphic novel from Kickstart Comics.

It's rated R for nudity, violence, language and gore.

Be warned Mary tends to cut deep and, this flick is getting 3 stars.

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