Movie Review: Charlie Countryman

When your life is crumbling down around you, how do you hold on to what's left? In September 2013, Charlie found out, some times you need to let go of everything to find out what's important enough to hold on to.

Directing this 108 minute action/comedy/romance is Fredrik Bond.

Some of the nice and not so nice characters you'll see in this film are: Shia LaBeouf as Charlie Countryman, Evan Rachel Wood as Gabi Ibanescu, Mads Mikkelsen as Nigel, Til Schweiger as Darko, Melissa Leo as Kate, Rupert Grint as Karl, James Buckley as Luc, Vincent D'Onofrio as Bill, and John Hurt as Narrator.

After the loss of his mother, Charlie is burdened by his pain and grief. When suddenly, his mother Kate shows up and wants to sit down and talk with him. During their talk it's decided that Charlie will be going to
Bucharest. While there, Charlie goes on a ever growing, painful journey of love, loss and a realization of who he is. All the while getting mixed up in the darker side of life. A world is opened up to him that he never would have been a part of before, before Gabi that is. Now, this journey will either lead him to love or death, and the only way he'll know which is to continue walking the road he's on.

When I sat down to watch this flick I wasn't sure what to expect. Shia LaBeouf has shown that he has great acting skills, but his films have been a hit and miss when it comes to reminding the audience of that skill. This one, I gotta say, has reminded me of that skill. The performance here was very good, along with a good job done by the rest of the cast. The story line is a little weird at times but the playthrough once you see it as a whole is amazing. Also, something else that caught my attention was the soundtrack done by Christophe Beck, that just seems to be a perfect fit. You may be leary at first, remember I was too, but this one is definitely worth a go.

It's rated R for language, nudity, drug use and violence.

4 stars, keep up the good work LaBeouf.

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