Movie Review: The Conjuring

How do you protect your loved ones from a threat you can't see? In July 2013, the Warren's knew just what to do to help.

Directing this 112 minute horror/thriller is James Wan.

Conjuring up the entertainment is: Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren, Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren, Ron Livingston as Roger Perron, Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron, Shannon Kook as Drew, John Brotherton as Brad and Joseph Bishara as Bathsheba.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are paranormal investigators. Which is exactly what the Perron family needs after moving into their new farmhouse. What starts out as a few sounds and odd happenings turns into
a nightmare of terror. Scared and desparate, Carolyn Perron reaches out for help from the Warrens. Soon, all parties involved realize the true nature of this evil, and must find a way to stop it.

This was a really good story with a great playthrough. It goes with an old school feel of trying to scare you and leaves the gore for the other movies. It has some nice looking make-up and special effects, that add a good scare factor to the film. The cast does a great job and skilled camera work finished off the last piece to making this a film worth seeing.

It's rated R for violence.

This flick conjured up 4 stars. 

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