Movie Review: Man of Tai Chi

Do you believe a heart filled with good intentions can get lost on it's search for a solution? In November 2013, Chen found out that sometimes even with the best of intentions at heart we can still wind up walking down a dark road.

Directing this 105 minute action is Keanu Reeves.

Finding the balance in their acting Chi is: Keanu Reeves as Donaka Mark, Tiger Hu Chen as Chen Lin-Hu/Man of Tai Chi, Karen Mok as Sun Jingshi, Simon Yam as Wong, Yu Hai as Yang Tai Chi Master and Iko Uwais as Gilang Sanjaya.

Wanting to show the world that Tai Chi is more than just an exercise, Tiger Hu Chen competes in a fighting tournament. More attention for his marital arts style is what he wanted, but in this case catching the attention of Donaka Mark may not be in his best interest. Mark offers Chen the chance to showcase his skills in a underground fight club where he could claim fortune and fame. Passing on the offer, Chen returns to his day to day life. That is, until a problem arises that changes everything. The temple Chen studies at is in danger of being torn down due to a redevelopment project. Soon, a place of wisdom and peace may be replaced with strip malls if Chen doesn't act quickly. The only option Chen can think of is taking Mark up on the fortune part of his offer. With Chen's skills he may just be able to save the temple, but who will save Chen?

Well, this is Keanu Reeves first shot at being a directer and I gotta say, he did a great job. The movie has a solid storyline and a really good playthrough. Now wrap all that around some fight scenes that were visually awesome, and here you go! The cast did a really good job, except... Reeves. Yes, he not only directs this flick but also stars in it. I'm not really sure what was going on with Reeves's "acting". He came off very dry and emotionless. Maybe that was supposed to be the "controlled natural" of the character... maybe? Yeah, we'll go with that for a reason. So, back to the overall. Is this worth a go? Yeah, even with the cold fish villain problem, the rest is a blast to watch. Especially if you're a martial arts fan (like myself).

It's rated R for violence.

Congrats Keanu! Your first go at directing is worth 4 stars in my opinion.

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