Movie Review: The Best Man Holiday

How important is friendship to you? In November 2013, we caught up with a group of people that may have burned a few bridges back in the day, but together they're working on rebuilding them.

Directing this 123 minute comedy is Malcolm D. Lee.

Getting to catch up on old times is: Taye Diggs as Harper, Regina Hall as Candace, Morris Chestnut as Lance, Monica Calhoun as Mia, Melissa De Sousa as Shelby, Terrence Howard as Quentin, Sanaa Lathan as Robyn, Nia Long as Jordan, Harold Perrineau as Julian, Eddie Cibrian as Brian and John Michael Higgins as Stan.

It's been fifteen years since the whole gang was in the same place at the same time. So, this Christmas Mia
has decided it's time for everybody to reunite, and hopefully put all the old rivalries to rest. Which could prove harder for some to do, even after all these years. Luckily, one of the great things about friendship is no matter how mad you are friends come together when they're needed.

This is a sequel to the 1999 film The Best Man. We pick up years down the road after families have been started and careers have failed or flourished. This one shows us, or maybe reminds us, that life is not only a gift but a test.  These tests show us our weaknesses, but in the end they will give us strength. What I liked about this one was it carried the same feel that the first one did, the warmth, laughs, and emotional journey of the characters. The storyline was deep and had a great playthrough, definitely a fitting way to end the overall story (hint hint, lets not turn this into a trilogy). The cast did a great job, and it's always cool when you can get the whole cast back together again. It adds to the overall of the film, just that cohesive flow like everything fits. Yeah, it has an R rating for all the "bad" things, but it has a strong message about family. It reminds you of the importance of family and friendship. The way you can just wanna knock the hell out of that person, but you're grateful they've been in your life every step of the way and you don't know what you would do without em. This isn't one for the whole family by any means but the adults will enjoy it.

It's rated R for nudity and language.

4 holiday filled stars.

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