Movie Review: Embrace of the Vampire (2013)

Do you ever fight your temptations, or give into them? In October 2013, Sharon was trying to fight hers, but how long can she hold out?

Directing this 91 minute horror is Carl Bessai.

Embracing this remake is: Sharon Hinnendael as Charlotte Hawthorn, Ryan Kennedy as Chris, Kaniehtiio Horn as Nicole, C.C. Sheffield as Eliza, Chelsey Riest as Sarah Campbell, Victor Webster as Progessor Brendan Cole/Stefan Keegan Connor Tracy as Daciana and Robert Moloney as Dr. Duncan Johnson.

Sharon lived a sheltered life and went to an all girls Catholic school. Looking for a little change in her life, she started going to a co-ed university. She knew it wouldn't be an easy transition, but that

things would fall into place with time. Unfortunately for Sharon, time wasn't on her side because something evil was after her. An evil that was searching for something, and it found it in her.

This is a remake of the 1995 film Embrace of the Vampire, starring Alyssa Milano. For those of us that remember that one... yeah. As for the remake... it didn't even come close to the original, and the 1995 flick wasn't a blockbuster film to begin with, but it did have Alyssa Milano! With the pedestal that the original is put on by some of us, the remake just doesn't stand a chance. Now, for those of you that (I can't believe I'm about to say this) have not seen the original. The storyline in the remake is about the same with some changes. The playthrough was kinda bad, then add some bad acting on top of that. It's a flick that doesn't flow smoothly which made it hard to get into the characters. I found myself not caring what happened to anyone, or wishing they would hurry up and kill everyone so we could get to the credits.

It's rated UR (unrated), but has nudity and violence.

I'm staking this dreadful flick with 2 stars.

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