Movie Review: Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

What would you do if you were a prisoner being treated like a lab rat? In February 2014, Porter decided to break out of his cage.

Directing this 91 minute horror is Kaare Andrews.

Some of the cast bleeding for your entertainment is: Sean Astin as Porter, Currie Graham as Dr. Edwards, Ryan Donowho as Dobs, Brando Eaton as Josh, Jillian Murray as Penny, Mitch Ryan as Marcus, Solly Duran as Camila and Lydia Hearst as Bridget.

Marcus is getting married so his best friends and brother are throwing him a surprise bachelor party. The party will be on a little island out in the middle of nowhere, a beach all to themselves to do whatever they
want for the night. Unbeknownst to the party goers, Dr. Edwards is working on trying to find a solution to a deadly disease in his lab, that happens to be on the very same island. Edwards believes that with the help of Porter, patient zero, he can find a way to stop the disease for good. What brings these two parties together makes for a bloody descent story to tell.

Here we go with the third installment of the Cabin Fever series. After the second film I wasn't expecting... well any good really. Yet my pitch is, I watch the bad ones so you don't have to. So, I took a deep breath and started watching this disease ridden flick, all the while trying to prepare myself for the worst. Before I knew, it I was watching the credits, and was very surprised by something... I kinda liked it. Patient Zero had the feel and playthrough of the first movie, which was a good thing in comparison. Now, I'm not stating this is a blockbuster film by any means, but it has the potential to create the fan base that the original Cabin Fever had. Here you get two storylines for the price of one. First one is simple, and can be summed up with both a question and a statement. Holy crap what's wrong with your skin!? Why don't you wait here... I'll be right back. While yes, there is a second story running, I can't say it's all that impressive. That whole "god amongst men complex" is a little over done for me, but they intertwined well. These two stories left plenty of room for some really good special effects that made for some great scenes. The cast did a pretty good job, and seeing Astin do his part of this was kind of cool. Directer Kaare Andrews, who's work can also be seen in The ABC's of Death segment "V is for Vagitus", did a great job in this flick. If I didn't know any better I would have thought Eil Roth had been behind this one. Keep in mind this film may not be for everyone, it's really gory at times (skin peeling & LOTS of blood). So, overall if you're looking for a little eye bleeding, flesh eating, gore filled experience, then here's your film. One last thing, word is they want to do a Cabin Fever 4 (surprise right?), so I guess I'll see you at the next review, and lets hope for the best on that one.

It's rated R for violence, language, nudity and gore.

3 stars

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