Movie Review: Authors Anonymous

How long do you keep working for your goal before you give up? In April 2014, we watched as a group of writers showed us, you never give up.

Directing this 92 minute comedy is Ellie Kanner.

Finding the right words is: Kaley Cuoco as Hannah Rinaldi, Chris Klein as Henry Obert, Dylan Walsh as Alan Mooney, Teri Polo as Colette Mooney, Dennis Farina as John K. Butzin, Jonathan Bennett as William Bruce and Tricia Helfer as Sigrid Hagenguth.

A handful of writers have a group where they meet and bounce their latest ideas off one another, and support each other with the don't give up push. Now, try as they might, success is still just beyond their reach, which
adds a little stress to the group after the newest member Hannah practically becomes an overnight success. Not only does everyone have to deal with watching her raise above them, but they still need to find the right words to write themselves into the published world of authors.

Given that I haven't seen Chris Kline in awhile (but I have always liked his run with the American Pie movies) and Kaley Cuoco, who has had a good run in her career, but has never really done anything that has entertained me (except The Big Bang Theory). I didn't think this one was going to be very good, and I was right.

It's not that the storyline was bad, but it just constantly fights to stay in the every day average movie category. Nothing makes it stand out, and for a comedy... it's not all that funny. It's more of a constant chain of awkward moments kind of funny. Kind of like, it's funny cause it happened to you sort of thing, which makes for a painful watch some times as the characters go through doing their thing. Making the playthrough rather slow and boring, I'm sorry but I can only watch a person or people do pretty much the same thing over and over and attempt (again I say attempt) humor while doing it, for so long.

Since this was shot as a "documentary" we watch as a handful of hopeful writers try and reach for the goal all writers wish to grab a hold of, to be published. Upside to the way this is filmed is we get different characters that are going down the same road and tripping over the same obstacles, but handling them in different ways. Not that any of this helped the film itself sadly. Another sad point was the flick had some good stars in it's line-up, not that any of that star power shined here. You have Farina, who is known for his strong and usually loud characters, or Walsh that has done a good mix of characters over his career. Both are good actors, then you have Polo and in her own right has done her fair share of lighting up the screen with her skills. Yet, I can't say anyone from the cast really put their best foot forward for this project. Instead of giving us characters that were solid, we got some over dramatized characters while others were funny enough under played. This hot mess of a mix wound up creating characters that were annoying and forgettable as soon as the movie ends.

 Overall, if you can't sleep and are feeling a little down about life, watch this one. You'll either find a bright spot about your walk of life or have the best night sleep you've had in awhile. Really it's a win win if you ask me. Luckily, they haven't cancelled The Big Bang Theory so Cuoco has job security, cause movies just aren't her thing.

It's rated PG-13 for

2 stars

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